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Odds are you or someone you know has looked at porn excessively and inordinate amounts and we are glad you found us. For some, porn is an addiction that costs them everything. Internet pornography use is on the rise at a fast pace: lost jobs, failed marriages, and destroyed families are the outcome. Everybody is vulnerable to this addiction.

Whether the motive for consuming pornography is sexual appetite, escape/self-medication, or any other reason, engaging in these addictions causes the brain and body to endogenously produce and release chemical drugs into its own system. These chemicals include: epinephrine (an adrenal gland hormone that "locks-in" memories of experiences occurring at times of high arousal), adrenaline, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), noradrenaline, norepinephrine and testosterone, among others. This drug is dragging millions of troubled victims along in its destructive wake.

Persistent accessing of porn not only provides the addict with sexual arousal, but offers a way to self-medicate in order to escape the realities of life. A porn addict will suffer withdrawal symptoms when they try-or are compelled-to relinquish their vice for any length of time. The withdrawal symptoms may drive an addict to find porn and often causes him to act out his needs in inappropriate ways.

But there is hope. Please join us on our support message boards and let’s help each other kick this addiction. Everybody who participates in this website is either a Porn Addict (PA) or the Significant Other (SO) of a Porn Addict. If you are struggling with what you think may be porn addiction or if you suspect your partner maybe be addicted to porn, please visit and read our stories and feel free to join in and ask questions. Recovery is possible for everybody.



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